ISO Certified Translation Services

ISO Certified Translation Services


Marsolutions receives three prestigious ISO certifications

Marsolutions Limited has been awarded three prestigious certifications confirming it’s commitment to supplying  ISO Certified Translation Services. The ISO  ‘HAT TRICK’ includes ISO Certifications – ISO9001:2015 Quality Management – ISO 17100:2015 Translation services & ISO 18587:2017 Post Editing of Machine Translation.

Achieving three Internationally recognised ISO certifications is a major accomplishment for Marsolutions. Co-founders Beatriz Tennent, Phil Tennent & Alfonso Ventosa explain why.

“Marsolutions have, from our very beginnings, focused on delivering service excellence, focusing on accuracy and quality. We have, over the years implemented solid procedures, workflows and processes, that we felt best served our customers, freelance translators and team of project managers, allowing them to operate with fluidity and confidence in their daily routines”, comments Beatriz Tennent, Managing Director.

However, the company did not have many of the processes documented in a way that it was easy to track, measure or pass on as training to new employees. “ISO allowed us to organise and materialise something we have been doing naturally for many years”, explains Alfonso Ventosa, Finance and Operations Director.

Marsolutions decided to formalise their Quality Management Systems (QMS) by deep diving into ISO standards and not contracting external consultancy services in order to create a full working QMS manual from scratch. “As we gained an in-depth knowledge on each section of the ISO standards, understanding the intricacies and meanings of the standards and their rigorous steps, concepts, and values, it helped us improve our thinking process, systems, and procedures”, says Phil Tennent, Commercial Director.

The ISO journey over the last 5 months, allowed Marsolutions’ team, to give their business a full service, discovering their weaknesses, recognising, and capitalising on the company strengths, and identifying areas which needs improvement, so that they could make the necessary changes and/or adjustments, to achieve their objectives for better results.

Phil and the team are delighted that they have achieved the ISO certifications, which have enabled Marsolutions to offer “an enhanced range of personalised and flexible language products and solutions, backed by an even higher quality customer service experience.”

You can learn more about our ISO certified translation services here.

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