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We carefully select all our native professional translators, who have at least 5 years experience in the specific industry. Once we find the “perfect match”, the project manager ensures fluent translator-customer communication, terminology consistency at all times and with 100% satisfaction.

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Our Editors are expert linguists who can localize the cultural and technical content of your documents to your specific target markets. They will also add that sleek professional edge that will make your documents a more effective marketing tool.

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Proof readers provide a “second pair of eyes” so nothing is missed in your documents, from grammar errors, to typos! Even in the source document -as they not only check the translation but they also compare it with the original document for a precise and thorough revision.

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Client Revision

As part of our service we offer a “Client Revision Cycle”, in which your country managers can choose their preferred terminology and style in each translation project. Our translators then apply those choices to current and future projects, improving the quality of the Terminology Memory (TM) and the overall translation process.

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DTP / Typesetting

We work with diverse document formats, including PDF, XML files and GUI strings. However when you need your design files translated, our Multilingual DTP Service is invaluable! After translation text can expand or reduce, so our DTP team adjusts the typesetting and layout of the language documents, producing impeccable print-ready digital artwork.  

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