Passionate about providing high quality Specialised Language Services

Our passion for language, and understanding the cultures that shape it, drives us to deliver the kind of translations you never have to doubt. We get it; there’s nothing more worrying than receiving a translation you can’t read and hoping (praying) it’s accurate.

Every member of our team is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in translation.

Our Mission is simple…

To create translations that elevate brands, create impact and help our clients succeed around the World.

To help our customers increase revenues, build brand loyalty and maximise return on investment by improving communication and doing business in new and existing foreign markets.

To create translations that elevate brands, create impact and help our clients succeed around the World.

To create a new standard in translation services; ensuring that working in any market is as easy as your native market.  We provide end-to-end personalised services, combining the expertise of professional translators, interpreters, voice artists, and project managers plus the technology to enhance our customers reach globally.

Dedication and Commitment:

Marsolutions works passionately and enthusiastically to help businesses improve their customer satisfaction, retention, and relationships through comprehensive language solutions and services.

Expertise and Improvement:

Marsolutions takes pride in finding solutions to our customers' challenges by employing professionally trained translators/interpreters and embracing industry specific technology to deliver reliable results. In doing so we promote an internal and external culture of continuous improvement and education.

Ethics and Morals:

Marsolutions' foundations were built around family, integrity and principles. These values are encouraged within the workplace and throughout its wider network.

Civic and Social Duty:

Marsolutions seeks to work across borders with communities, respecting ethnicity, culture and diversity of our employees, customers, partners and interested parties.

Sustainability and Environment:

Marsolutions is committed to delivering a stable, and sustainable, business that our team, customers, and vendors can ultimately rely on. Striving to deliver environmentally sound business practices for the benefit of the larger world around us.


Founded in 2007, Marsolutions was originally formed to provide direct sales and marketing services for the electronic security industry. With over 30 years’ experience in international business, we found that the biggest communication obstacle between companies and their customers is the language barrier. Essential business documentation must be translated and made available for companies to reach their global customers.

Marsolutions started in Spain, where we faced our first challenge: to translate our supplier’s relevant documentation from English to Spanish and vice versa. Then the Central and South American market demanded localised Spanish translations for Mexico and Argentina. Soon our customers requested other European languages, and here we expanded our business into a new sector, bringing in professional translators to offer the best service and the highest quality translations.

Our company profile evolved to a completely new level. We became a specialised language provider dedicated primarily to the electronic security industry and other related technology industries. Since the early days Marsolutions expanded to other sectors.

In May 2011 we established our second operation in the United Kingdom, to directly assist British companies wanting to develop their overseas businesses.

Today Marsolutions offers translation and interpreting services in 100’s of language combinations, a portfolio that is constantly expanding in response to growing export opportunities.

Our Core Team

Beatriz Tennent

Beatriz Tennent

Founder & Managing Director

Her career as a journalist and communications consultant, started in Chile, working for a major national newspaper. She was also involved for many years in her family’s manufacturing business, in sales and events organisation. Her travels around the world led her to move to the UK, where she started a career in export sales for EMEA in the leisure industry. Later on, she opened a family run leisure and distribution business for the Iberian Peninsula, Balearic, and Canary Islands. Today she is the company director of Marsolutions, making the best use of both her languages (English and Spanish) and her long experience in project management and customer service.

Phil Tennent

Phil Tennent

Founder & Non-Exective Director

Phil has over 30 years of sales and international sales management experience, having held various senior positions with major corporate companies before embarking on his journey with Marsolutions.

Phil lives with Beatriz and their two children near the south coast in Hampshire and has had the opportunity to live in both Spain and South Africa.

Having travelled extensively both on business and for pleasure, culture and language have been a major influencer in his passion promoting language services and quality standards. In fact, Marsolutions translation services would never have started if it had not have been for a real business need to translate American English documentation and software into localised Spanish.

Phil holds the position of Vice-chair with the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) – he values the support of an association as it promotes integrity, encourages knowledge share, and endorses good practices. The Association of Translation Companies is driven for the benefit of its members and the language industry.

Alfonso Ventosa

Alfonso Ventosa

Founder & Finance Director

His vast entrepreneurial experience includes more than 40 years in the manufacturing, importing and distribution sector. For many years he owned and managed a renowned retail catalogue sales company in Chile, and in the last 10 years a luxury leisure products distribution company in Spain. His knowledge of international trade and business operations offer incredible value to Marsolutions.

Rafael Ventosa

Rafael Ventosa

European Accounts Manager

As a professional creative communicator, Rafael adds extra value to our company. He not only excels in giving the most dedicated customer service to the key European accounts he looks after, but he also brings fresh and new ideas to keep developing our marketing and communication strategies.

Francisco  Ventosa

Francisco Ventosa

Graphic Designer & DTP Manager

Graphic designer, Francisco brings many years of advertising agency experience into our company. He and his team take creativeness and skill to a new level, offering our customers an additional service to complete any translation project that needs to be published, from creative design to final artwork and typesetting.

Our Translation Team

We work with a wide range of translators with proven language skills and specialist industry experience. Our expanded team of translation & technical specialists allows us to offer the highest standard service in every sector we touch.

All of our translators have verified degrees and certifications, translate only into their native language, and have at least 5 years’ experience in their specific industry. They also have cultural knowledge of the target region, and work around the clock to meet your deadlines.

Association of Translation Companies (ATC) Membership

Through achieving full membership of the ATC and ISO certifications, Marsolutions reaffirms our commitment to upholding the highest standards of both product and service delivery.

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