Going Green

Our project to protect the planet

At Marsolutions, operating sustainably is part of our core values. Protecting our planet today will ensure that our future generations grow and live in a safe environment.

We can all start with small actions which will add up and contribute to the greater good. As a company and as individuals we commit to do everything we can to help our planet.

Trees in a forest

What we’re doing

  • Carbon Footprint Standard: We are aiming to receive our Carbon Footprint Standard by introducing green values into our company. Learn more about Carbon Footprint Standards here
  • Tree Planting Journey: We have started working with the UK Tree Planting Project, whose aim is to preserve the UK’s environment and biodiversity. You can view our first tree planting certificate here.
  • Carbon Reduction Projects: At Marsolutions we’ve teamed up with projects across the globe and strongly encourage other businesses and organisations to join in the movement to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Company changes: As a company we have put our own changes in place to assist with reducing our carbon footprint; we are in the process of changing over to electric vehicles and all of our invoicing is now paperless.
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