Certified Translations

What are Certified Translation Services and why does it matter?


Learn why hiring a Certified Translation Service is important

Trusting the accuracy of any translation can be tough, a good place to start is looking for an agency that offers certified translation services. Why? It’s simple … accountability. Not every translation agency is willing to certify its services, which is a good indication that they might not be delivering the highest quality work. A certified translation is a document that has been signed by the translator, and/or a translating agency, attesting that the translation is accurate and true. In reality, anyone can certify a translation, and whilst certification doesn’t in itself guarantee the quality of a translation, it does serve to identify the translator and their credentials. It also ensures they are held accountable for their work. Accuracy is everything when it comes to translations, so working with an agency who is willing to offer certified translation services is a good indicator that they take quality seriously.

Even though anyone can certify a document, many official documents require a translation that has been certified by a professional translator, and/or a translation agency, who is a member of a recognised body such as the Association of Translation Companies (ATC). This means they are held to a high standard of quality and accuracy.

The ATC has its own professional code of practice as detailed on its website and sets out its focus on quality and conduct as follows:

“The ATC defines standards of excellence for language service companies by promoting quality-driven language services and best practice to create recognition and trust to stakeholders. The ATC’s Code of Professional Conduct supports Members in maintaining professional standards. It outlines our values for integrity, professionalism, accountability and fairness, and sets out general rules for professional conduct for all Members. The Code of Professional Conduct is intended to reassure clients, suppliers and other stakeholders that language services provided by our Members are conducted in a professional and ethical manner.”

Codes of conduct are important, as are quality accreditation and membership of the appropriate professional body. Offering to provide a properly certified translation is the hallmark of a reputable translation agency.

To recap, here’s a list of what you should look for when choosing a certified translation services agency:

  • Are they a member of a professional association such as the ATC?
  • Are their translators members of professional linguist associations?
  • Is the agency willing to offer certified translations?
  • Do they have quality control processes in place?
  • Are they ISO accredited?

At Marsolutions we take quality very seriously and we are an ISO 9001, 17100 and 18587 certified agency. We’re passionate about language, translation accuracy and customer service excellence.

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