How Do We Work

We believe that team work combined with fast and excellent communication is the key to successfully complete every step of a process.

Project Manager

  • Discuss project details with customer: target audience, content, file type, formats and deadlines
  • Selects the best team of translators to suit your individual requirements
  • Keeps close contact with you from start to finish to ensure smooth completion of each project.
  • Works together with translators to maintain Translation Memories, Glossaries and Termbases (key tools to keep consistency and accuracy)
  • Coordinates the revision processes with all parties involved
  • Performs strict QA checks in translated documentation before delivery

Our Translators

Our translators create the language bridge you need to communicate with your target audiences worldwide. Through our rigorous selection process we make sure they:

  • Are professionals of high standard with verified degrees and certifications.
  • Translate only into their mother tongue language.
  • Have at least 5 years experience in their specific industry field of expertise (unless -in agreement with our clients- we assign non-business critical specific projects to Entry level-Graduate translators).
  • Follow a professional ethical practice according to our company values.
  • Have passed our translation tests which are checked by professionals of each industry.
  • Have cultural knowledge of the target region where your clients are based.
  • Research in depth the content and context of the various documents to be translated..
  • Always work around the clock to meet your deadlines.

What is a Translation Memory (TM)?

Our Translation Technology allow us to create Translation Memories (TM) for each client. The TM stores past translations in order to detect them in the future when we analyse a new document; automatically our software applies any repeated occurrences in new projects, so our translators can review them within context faster. This attractive feature not only will save your company time and money but will ensure consistency and accuracy throughout all your translated documents.

What is a Terminology Database (Termbase)?

The PM together with the translators can offer an additional service to create and manage a Terminology Database; a very useful tool which will store and manage your company Glossaries and Terminology lists. Once you have revised and approved the correct technical terms and expressions to be used, these will be stored in the Termbase for all your translated documentation to be consistent. Less time will be required for any future reviews because the translators will become more knowledgeable of your linguistic choices and style.

Quality Assurance

Every project no matter how big or small is thoroughly checked and verified with our software and also by our Project Managers.

Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, Style, Format, Layout, it all comes to place at this stage before a project is ready and in order to be delivered at the highest standard and quality.

Client Review Process

As part of our standard review process, we always give the customer the opportunity to review the translation with their in-country managers when possible.

This helps our translators to learn quickly about each company style and preferred technical terms, making the whole translation process run smoothly.

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