Editing / Proof Reading Services

Editing Services

Marsolutions offers Editing Services to give your publications that sleek, professional edge. Our professional editors can ensure that your communications are not only grammatically correct, but have the tone, the terminology and the organisation to express your ideas clearly, and with a call-to-action that connects effectively with your target audience.

  • We can edit your documents to make them suitable for any given industry, sector, audience or country.
  • We’ll discuss the image and tone you want to project.
  • In turn your documents, press releases, websites and communications will work harder for you.

Proof Reading Services

Our professional translators will carefully examine all translated documents to find and correct typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling and style. The proof reader can also check different elements of a layout (such as headlines, paragraphs, illustrations, and colours) for their correct dimensions, placement, type, etc.

With our Standard translation Service we offer In-house Proof reading; each translator performs their own 1st proof reading on the translated document before passing it onto the PM for final checks.

We also offer an In-Country Revision for when our customers have their own revisers in each target country. The Company's own local managers can provide valuable technical and style feedback for the translators.

As a third revision level, we also offer an independent 2nd Translator Proof reading, which can be added to the above two options to achieve a higher level of accuracy and perfection. This is recommended when the documents are business or technical critical, and more complex or extensive.

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