Localisation in Translation

Translation Tip: Localisation Matters!


What is localisation in translation and why does it matter?

Translation localisation matters! If your translation isn’t localised you risk making a terrible (& embarrassing) mistake. Don’t let your campaign become an urban legend, or a meme that won’t go away. Localisation Matters!

It isn’t enough to simply translate the words; you have to think about localisation. It’s not unusual for a word to be the same in different countries, but for its meaning be wildly different. A thong in the US is underwear, but in Australia it’s a flip-flop. To successfully internationalise your products and services not only do you need to translate your content into the local language, but also adapt it to consider the socio-cultural, political and economic context, as well as taking into account the specific technical and legal requirements for each country.

It can be a minefield. Luckily our global team of expert translators and editors can help you translate and localise your content. As you would expect there are several different types of localisation and we can provide a range of localisation services including: 

Website Translation and Localisation
Social Media Localisation
Marketing Content Localisation
E-Learning Localisation
Software and APP Localisation


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