Service Packages

Our customised service starts by taking the time to fully understand your individual needs, your industry and business sector.

We identify the topic and nature of your documents, your target market, the size of your project and your timeline. This allows us to offer you the most suitable and cost effective service package for your company's individual requirements.

Before you choose the package that suits your needs better:

  • Decide what the purpose of your translated material is: Internal use only or publication.
  • Select the relevant information that you need to translate for your target markets.


A mother-tongue professional translator, specialised in the required field, will apply the correct terminology and contextualization offering a translation ready to be used internally or externally, but at a non business-critical level.

What's included
  • Professional mother-tongue specialised translator
  • In-house Proofreading
  • Project Management
  • QA Checks
  • One Client Revision

Business / Technical Critical

We recommend this higher level of service for when your translated documents are going to be published or when the content is very delicate or technically complex / important. After the translation is performed by a highly qualified mother-tongue professional translator, an additional specialist editor will revise the translation and compare it with the original document. This service provides an even higher quality standard and accuracy checks.

What's included
  • Professional mother-tongue specialised translator
  • Second Professional specialised editor/proofreader
  • Project Management
  • Creation of Glossary and Terminology Management
  • QA Checks
  • Translation and Terminology Client Revisions

Creative / Expert Advice

With this service you can choose the experts you need to ensure that your brand and message are carefully written, translated and revised so that they have the correct impact on your target audience. From Creative Writers, to knowledgeable Editors, specialised Translators, Marketing Advisers and expert Reviewers they can all be at your service to offer a complete package at the highest standard.

What we offer
  • Write your content for you if required
  • Project analysis and review of content by expert advisors
  • Professional Editor to review your texts and adjust them to your target audience
  • Marketing adviser in target country
  • Professional, specialised mother-tongue translator
  • Professional, sector specialist mother-tongue reviewer
  • Project Management
  • Terminology Global Management
  • QA Checks
  • Editing, Translation, Terminology and Branding Client Revisions
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